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Monday, April 23, 2012
As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve become somewhat taken with the orphans from Reece’s Rainbow. I’ve always had a soft spot for motherless children. Now that I am a mother myself, I feel that much more responsible, not only for my own children, but for every child. After reading about the plight of these orphans and learning of the future that awaits many of them in the institutions, I feel compelled to try and do something for these poor little ones.

Many of the orphans listed on Reece's Rainbow are from Eastern Europe and were born with birth defects. Some of these birth defects are more serious than others. Although we cannot know for certain, more likely than not, these children were given up for adoption because of their birth defects. Perhaps their mothers wished a better life for them. That we cannot know. But as a mother whose children were also born with birth defects, I feel fiercely protective of such children. These children deserve more care and attention because of their conditions, not less. But it is less love and attention that they receive simply because of their unfortunate luck to be born in a certain country.  

Many of these children will be transferred to institutions once they turn 5. Institutions are cold, dark places and no place for a child to grow up.  They will be left there without the love of a family and the feeling of a home. We cannot let this happen.

Reece’s Rainbow attempts to rescue these children from such a future and to place them with loving families. My hope is that by talking about it, the word will get out and these children will find their forever families.  Reece’s Rainbow also helps defray the costs of the adoptions so that interested couples and families are not deterred by financial concerns. 

When thinking about or discussing these little ones, I am reminded of what Mother Teresa said about the hunger for bread being less than the hunger for love and that "the most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved."

No child deserves to feel unloved. Won't you consider donating just $5 to help these children come home? To donate you can visit Reece's Rainbow website or visit the particular page of the child you wish to donate to (go for Declan!) and click on the Paypal account to donate that way. You can also mail a check to Reece's Rainbow. The mailing address is:
Reece's Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885

Thank you!


  1. This is awesome in every way.

  2. Oh and yes I would like to do I go about doing that?


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