Right Now

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
I want to freeze this moment in time, so I don't forget:

  • Abby's wide-toothed grin.
  • Hannah saying "tank you, Mama" or "tank you Daddy" for every little thing. 
  • Hannah's insistence on wearing her "fa-fa" (princess) tutu all.the.time.
  • How Abby giggles watching the beginning of Barney.
  • How much Abby is such a little Mama's girl. She's my little shadow these days.
  • The girls favorite game, which involves Hannah running to hide and Abby crawling after her. When Abby finds her they scream and laugh. We find it so amusing that even though they can't talk to one another, they have their own little language.
  • Hannah loving to color and draw the letter "O." She will say, "Mama, I draw O's."
  • Abby cruising around holding on to everything in order to walk, including the walls.
  • How completely exhausting this life with littles can be, but how I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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