1/32 Native American

Saturday, May 5, 2012
I normally try to avoid talking about politics on this blog. One main reason I avoid political banter is because this is a family blog and 20 years from now I won't care about who ran for the Senate in 2012, but I will want to remember the things Hannah and Abby said and did.

Anywho, the Senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren has already started heating up here. Recently it came out that blonde-haired, blue-eyed Elizabeth Warren considers herself Native American. Harvard Law School even counted her as a minority faculty member. Apparently, she is like 1/32 Indian, if that (surprise, surprise, she can't prove her lineage).

But you know what's funny, you know who else has that same percentage of Indian blood in them? Hannah Claire and Abigail! Yep, Matthew is 1/16 Cree. Haha!

 Harvard University, here we come!

No idea if this is the family tribe, but I do know they were French Canadian.

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