7 Quick Takes

Friday, May 4, 2012

What a week! It's been crazy busy.

1) Today it's Friday, so that means it's Pancake breakfast day in our house. I've tried to organize each day of the week with a different breakfast. Wednesday is egg day, Friday is pancake day, etc.
This looks really good, although we don't eat our pancakes with syrup.

2) Abby had two major doctor’s appointments this week. One was with her ophthalmologist. She's decided to put off Abby's eye surgery for a few more months. So now the surgery is tentatively scheduled for the fall. Apparently, she will also be getting her glasses sometime soon thereafter. The second appointment was with her plastic surgeon. He was actually called into surgery right before we arrived, so we had to reschedule that appointment. (She has a nevus sebaceous (basically a bald spot) that will be removed by the plastic surgeon.)The good news is that the doctors agreed to do both surgeries at the same time, so she only has to go under anesthesia once. Thank goodness!

3) I finished my thesis this week. Finally! It’s been super stressful trying to get it completed, but at long last, it's dunzo. Now that I officially have my master's degree, I'm technically qualified to run a school. Technically.

4) I’m sponsoring the Kindle Fire giveaway for Declan. For more information about that, go here. For just a few dollars you can enter to win a brand new Kindle Fire. And it’s all for a great cause, little Declan from Reece’s Rainbow. A big thank you to those of you have already donated!

5) I can’t get these orphans off my mind. I see their sweet faces and just want to adopt them all. But I also believe adoption is a vocation and a calling and we just don’t hear that call right now. Maybe someday…

6) I try to do one "adventure" outing with the girls each day. Today our family adventure is grocery shopping. I actually really love grocery shopping, most of the time. I like to go early in the morning so that we have the whole store to ourselves and Hannah can run around.

7) We usually do our grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I know, I know, it’s pretentious and liberal and expensive and yada, yada, yada. But I’m not gonna let those crazy liberals scare me away from getting good produce! We are definitely crunchy conservatives.

 Thanks to Jen for hosting the Quick Takes!


  1. So how was whole foods? I know, their produce is so good it's usually worth the cost.
    YAY on finishing your thesis!!! This is so great. Let's open that school!!

    We will pray for Abby's surgery in the fall...that is so cool they will combine it!

  2. Yay for opening a school! I'm tellin' ya, you guys have to move up here. We'll run our school by day, and be birth doulas by night. Hahaha!

    Thanks for the prayers for Abby. Yes, we're so happy they'll combine the surgeries. We expected to have to kinda fight for it, but the doctors were really enthusiastic about the idea. So yay for good doctors:)


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