Best Mother's Day Present Ever!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Matthew planned a surprise Mother's Day gift which he finally gave to me last night. It started with dinner out-pizza. Then Matthew had me drive as he directed me to the surprise destination. I'll be honest, I had absolutely no clue where we were going or what we were doing. Matthew likes to keep me guessing, so he was giving me little obscure hints as we drove along.

We drove and drove and the scenery started to get more and more rural. We were in the boonies. I joked Matthew was taking me somewhere to kill me. But then we came along to a sign that said: Hanson Rod & Gun Club. Oh my gosh, I was going to shoot guns!

I was SO excited when I figured out what I was going to get to do. We've talked about going shooting together before. Matthew is a good shot, or good shooter, or whatever the term is, but the only gun I've ever shot is the one in the arcade. Little ol' me, shooting a gun. Awesome!

The club sponsors a Ladies Night once a month and Matthew had registered me as my gift. (The people running the class thought it was pretty much the coolest Mother's Day present ever.) There were about ten women there and most of them had some experience. But despite my complete beginner status, I still had a ton of fun.

There was a safety and instructional class beforehand and then target practice. Let me just say, shooting a gun is hard. To hold the gun steady and properly aim takes a lot of concentration and strength. It was a workout! We used .22 caliber automatics and I even hit my paper target when I was shooting. I also hit the metal pole that was holding the paper target, which my instructor said was actually harder to hit than the paper. Haha! Right now my target is proudly displayed on our refrigerator.

Anyways, hands down, best gift ever. And I got a T-shirt that says, "I shot like a girl at Ladies Night" and the Rod & Gun club logo. I am so wearing it the next time I go grocery shopping at Whole Foods.

I can't wait to go back! I can't believe I forgot to have my picture taken. I wish I had remembered!


  1. Ok first, I think we need pictures of this.
    Second, you are turning into a Bowman.

  2. Hahaha, I know, right?!?

    During the whole thing I kept thinking "Molly is gonna love this." Haha.

  3. So awesome! Good job, Matthew-very fun idea!!

  4. Cool gift indeed! I come from a hunting, gun-loving family, so I'm not new to shooting, but it certainly is fun! David and I bought a hand gun for home protection recently and we still haven't shot's in the plans for our first night out without Lucia. Love the shirt, especially the idea to wear it at Whole Foods.


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