I Just Can't Help Myself, Meet Stella

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Since Declan is on his way to being adopted by a loving family, I thought I would become a "Guardian Angel" for another Reece's Rainbow child. Don't get me wrong, I am still praying for Declan and his family and I will continue to do everything in my power to bring him home. But I feel called to help the still-waiting children find their Mamas. 

This little one captured my heart the moment I saw her. Without further ado, meet Stella.  
Her little face kills me. I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks. I said this about Declan too, but something about her reminds me of my own children. 

She's 4 years old right now, which means she will be transferred to an adult institution next year. She has HIV, but is taking medication and I'm sure with proper medical care in the U.S., would do extremely well. 

From her profile:
"She is a communicative and sociable girl and likes to babble. She has recently turned 4 and will be transferred this year. Although she doesn’t have many words, she likes to try to talk. She is often smiling and tries to attract the attention of adults. She is in a decent baby house in a mixed group with HIV-positive and HIV-negative children. The orphans with HIV are treated the same as the other children. Many of the nannies working here have teaching degrees. There is a games room for psychological relief and rehabilitation. They do drawing to develop motor skills and sensory abilities. Stella is taking anti-retroviral medication. Additional photos and video available. Married couples only." 

For more information about adopting and raising a child with HIV, check out this website:

Let's find Stella her Mama!


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