Productive Morning

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My wonderful mother-in-law took the girls this morning for a couple of hours. She’ll often offer to take the girls so that I can have a little time to myself. It’s a win-win situation. She wants to see the girls and I don’t mind having a few hours to myself.

It’s amazing how much I can get done when it’s just me in the house. I want to brag for a moment how much I got done in the last three hours:

* Scrubbed the bathroom. Really scrubbed, like with bleach.  (I was embarrassed at those pictures from yesterday.)
*Dusted and vacuumed the living room.
*Mopped the kitchen floor (another dreaded chore that I always, always put off doing.)
*Did a load of laundry.
*Graded my students’ math homework from Saturday.
*Created the final exam for my Math class.
*Organized our health insurance information.
*Went for a run.
*Stopped into the chapel during my run to pray for a few moments.
*Mailed all our Mother’s Day cards.
*Took a shower and shaved my legs.
*Got dressed.
*Wrote this blog post.

I feel like a rock star.


  1. Dang you go girl! That is a lot of things you got done! Love that feeling :)

  2. haha, I know! And I love that you can comment on my blog now;)


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