Abby's Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Abby had a lovely little First Birthday. We didn't really do much, but she did get to eat a lot of oreo cookies (her favorite) throughout he day. In the evening, Grandma came over to sing "Happy Birthday" and enjoy some carrot cake and ice cream.

Bumpa and Zsa sent her an adorable little tea set, which Hannah promptly hijacked. We are giving Abby (both girls really) a table and chairs, which I am really excited about. I've been wanting to get them a table and chairs for a while. I have visions of lovely tea parties with the girls. In reality, I'm sure the girls will use the table as a launching pad to jump to the couch.

Abby received lots of texts throughout the day from friends and family. One of my greatest joys as a parent is watching other people love my children. Both our girls are so well loved. It makes our hearts happy.

Today we're having a relaxing day and enjoying all the new toys from the grandparents. Tomorrow Abby has a CT scan at the hospital and she will have to have anesthesia since they need her to be immobile. Please say a prayer for her. Anesthesia makes me really, really nervous. Even during the girls' surgeries, I wasn't worried about the surgery so much as the anesthesia. But I know she will be in good hands. 

They need the CT scan to make sure the suture in her skull is still open. Her doctor is pretty confident that it is. If it isn't, she might need another surgery. But we're expecting everything to be fine. If it's not, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. 

So Abby is starting her second year of life off with another bang. Big ol' CT scan, then meeting with her neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon. But finally, we see the light at the end of the tunnel with this whole ordeal. 

 Anyways, without further ado, some pictures from Abby's first birthday.
From Bumpa and Zsa.

She loved, loved being sung to.

I think we sang "Happy Birthday" like 5 times.

Post cake.

Cake in the hair.

Bath time. We even sang "happy birthday" to her a few times in the bath. She was loving it.

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