Monday, June 11, 2012
This blog has been a little Abby-centric lately, so I thought I'd update on my other little bug.
My favorite kitchen helper.

It's exhausting being two.
Hannah has been talking up a storm lately. She says the funniest thing and I love her little toddler lisp.

She has a lot of "go to" phrases in her vocabulary, which include:
"Hey, wook at me!"
"Bye. Have fun. See you soon!" 
"Isn't this fun?" (I think she must have heard me say this a few too many times)
"Nooo sister." (We're learning to share.)
"Wake uk." (Wake up.)
"Uh-oh. Fall down."
"Lollipop? Okay." She says it as a question and then "okay" like she's doing us a favor by eating a lollipop.
"I stuck!" (Matthew calls her the girl who cried stuck because she's always getting stuck.
"Hail Mae-Bae. Amen." (My little nun in training.)

I think I'm really going to miss this when she can speak perfect English.


  1. Priceless vocabulary and pictures. Always watchin out even while sleeping :)


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