Care for Some Tea?

Monday, June 11, 2012
Abby received a tea set from Bumpa and Zsa for her birthday. It's been a big hit around here. Hannah, especially, is really loving it. She offers us tea all the time.

To her enjoyment, I've been putting a teensy bit of water in the tea pot for her to pour. However, when the water runs out, as it inevitably does, she resorts to less than hygienic tea-making methods. 

She drinks some water from her bottle and then spits it into the teacup. Matthew calls it English Breakfast Backwash Blend.

Yankee ingenuity at its best, folks. 

Care for some tea?


  1. haha such a creative girl!

  2. oh my gosh Matthew's comment is hilarious - english breakfast backwash blend. but you have to admit..Hannah is resourceful! I love, too, that the tea set is a big hit. :)

  3. classic comment by Matthew! you gotta admit, though, Hannah is resourceful!
    I love, too, that the tea set is such a big hit (for now) :)

  4. haha, it's certainly clever;)

  5. She is resourceful, I'll give her that. Maybe next time you come to visit she'll make some tea for you:)


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