At the Park

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Proof that I'm not a completely awful mother. We went to the park today and I took pictures of my little darlings. They had a ball, as usual.Then I made them chocolate chip cookies this afternoon using this recipe I found on Mandi's blog. Delish! 
"Hey, Mom, wook at me!"

Like Abby's skater girl shoes?

Queen of the mountain.

Happy girl.

Lost in thought.
I love her blue eyes in this picture. Like the bruise on her forehead? Poor baby.


  1. Great blog. I love reading it every day. But didn't your adorable husband give you a very nice present recently (He always does, right?). But you didn't blog on it, how come? Hmmm.
    --Ruth on the 2nd floor

  2. Love love love these pics. But the girls are growing up soooooo fast!


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