Big Sister is Watching You

Thursday, July 19, 2012
"Step out of line and I'll be after you."
Hannah really is a very good big sister. She and Abby are great playmates (most of the time) and she generously doles out plenty of hugs and kisses on her little sister. Lately, however, she's took it upon herself to oversee Abby's upbringing.

Usually her treatment towards Abby is gentle and motherly. We often hear "this way, sister" or "C'mon Abu." 

But lately we have noticed a bit more of a Stalinist tone in her dealings with her little sibling. Abby often gets scolded with a "No, sister!" or punished with a "fall down" in which, you guessed it, Hannah pushes Abby down. (In Hannah's defense this is a "game" she played with her older boy cousins and apparently does not yet realize it is not a "game" to be played with people smaller than you.)

Recently at dinner Abby stood up in her high chair and Hannah took it upon herself to demand that she "SIT DOWN!" And while I appreciate Hannah's concerns for her sister's safety, I had to gently remind her that I am the parent and not she, thank you very much. 

Big sister just likes to be in charge. Now I wonder where she gets that from?

1 comment:

  1. I'm with Hannah. There is nothing wrong with big sis having a parental role. :))))))


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