I Have A Dream...

Saturday, July 28, 2012
Farm in Vermont.

... to one day live on a farm. A nice little homestead with 10 or more acres of land, replete with vegetables, animals and children. A little slice of heaven where we could garden, keep bees, raise a few chickens and a goat (for the goat cheese, of course). I have big plans for this farm. 

We are not alone in our dream of country living. There seems to be a real "back to the land" type movement among a certain group of people. Those individuals and families who are already fairly crunchy and health conscious to begin with, those who hold seemingly conservative religious values and those who distrust the growing control of the government. More and more people wish to live a simpler and more agrarian lifestyle and we are some of those people. 

Of course, there's a little wrench in our plans (other than our utter lack of knowledge of farming) in that we seem to produce babies with craniosynostosis and therefore proximity to major maternity and pediatric hospitals is a must. 

Alas, we aren't giving up city life anytime soon, but a girl can still dream.

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