My Iced Mocha Recipe

Saturday, July 21, 2012
I'm a sucker for anything that involves chocolate and/or coffee. Rather than spend $4 every day on an Iced Mocha at Starbucks, I came up with my own little recipe.

My cheap-o Iced Mocha Recipe
*2 scoops instant coffee
*Half a cup boiling water
*Homemade chocolate syrup. I use this recipe, but with 1/2 cup less sugar than what is called for.
*2% or Whole Milk

Combine water and coffee. Stir and let cool.
Put 2 spoonfuls of homemade chocolate sauce into a tall glass.
Fill up glass halfway with some 2% or even whole milk. 
Stir chocolate sauce and milk.
Add in coffee.
Add ice.
Insert straw.
Drink and enjoy.

Simple, right? And quite delicious.

Starbucks, eat your heart out.

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