Project 333 Update

Friday, July 20, 2012
Clearing out my closet and getting my wardrobe and accessories down to 33 items was both easier and harder than I expected. It was challenging in that I had to plan ahead for a change in seasons, so even though I didn't need a sweatshirt or a fleece right now in July, I would  most likely need one in October. I also had to plan for my sister's wedding, so a dress and a belt which I will probably not wear at any other point during the three months had to be set aside for the wedding. 

But it was also easier to get down to "brass tacks" than I expected too. It felt really good to purge my closet. Plus for the past six months or so I've been adhering to the No Fuss Wardrobe, so I've learned how to take a few items and create countless outfits. If you haven't checked out Haley's No Fuss Wardrobe, do it, you'll love it. 
So here's what made the cut:
* Two "nice" short sleeve T-shirts
* 1 Sweatshirt
* 1 Fleece Jacket
* 1 Pair of Jeans
* 1 Pair of black capri pants
* 2 Cardigan sweaters
* 2 tank tops
* 1 chambray long sleeve shirt
* 1 Pair of shorts
* 1 Pair of black bermuda shorts
* 1 Bridesmaid dress
* 1 Belt
* 2 sundresses
* 1 Pair of flip flops (I panicked when I first thought each shoe would count for one item, but fortunately 1 pair of shoes= 1 item)
* 1 pair of running shoes
* 1 Pair of nice black flats
* 1 Pair of Tom's shoes
* 1 Pair of sunglasses
* 3 Pairs of earrings
* 1 Necklace
* 1 Pair or running shorts
* 2 workout T-shirts
* 1 pair of yoga pants

For a grand total of 30 items. Not bad.
For more info on Project 333, check out the website here.

Be more with less.

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