Project 333

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's no secret I've fallen in love with the orphans of Reece's Rainbow. I know some people may be sick of hearing about them. These children who are abandoned, abused and treated worse than animals. These children who have Down Syndrome, are HIV+, little babies with no eyes or noses. These children who are left to spend their lives stuck in a crib, never getting outside, or playing with toys, or knowing a mother's love. 

Obviously it would be easier to simply go on as if they didn't exist. They live thousands of miles away, they would be easy to ignore.

But when I look at these children, I see my own children. I wouldn't leave my own babies hungry, dirty or alone and so I cannot abandon these orphans any more I could my own children. 

I have to believe it is the whisperings of the Holy Spirit that keeps prodding me to do more for the sake of these little ones. I've never been so willing to embrace sacrifice before, so obviously these children are helping me too. 

And so in the spirit of sacrifice and for the sake of Stella and Beatrice and all the RR orphans, I have decided to partake in Project 333. For 3 months, I will only wear 33 items of clothing, which includes shoes, jewelry, and outwear. (But it does not include underwear-thank goodness.)

Here are the instructions:

Some of you might be thinking "so what," or "big whoop" and quite honestly, you're right. This project isn't much, but it is something. As one woman put it, the goal behind Project 333 is to "embrace mindfulness over consumption, simplicity over excess, and value over junk." 

I start tomorrow, so I will post some before and after pictures of my closet then. 

Wish me luck!


  1. Want an interesting and good sacrifice!!! Will look forward to hearing more as you take this on!
    Keep fighting for these lil ones!

    I am ordering some hair bows from the family who is adopting Declan, to help them (in a very small way) with the adoption cost.

  2. Oh, you are awesome Kerry! Thank you for helping them!!


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