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Friday, July 6, 2012
I wish I had four kids like right now.

I'm having to remember that being open to God's will for my family size means that at times He says "no" to a baby. Funny, people tend to think that couples who choose not to use contraception will be doomed to have baby after baby after baby. They forget that there are an endless number of factors that need to fall into place in order to make a baby.

Unlike before, I am at peace during this waiting period. I trust that God has a reason for everything and I believe He has my best interests at heart. I really do.

Plus, I also know there is always a calm before the storm, so I should just enjoy this calm while it lasts.

But I have to confess, I daydream about what would make good name combinations for twins.

Boy/Girl: John and Evangeline (like John the Evangelist, get it?)
Girl/Girl: Hazel and Eliza (yeah right, Matthew would probably never go for those), Hazel and Eleanor, Evangeline and Eleanor. The possibilities are endless for girl names.
Boy/Boy: Charlie and Peter, John and Peter, James and John

What would you name twins if you had them?


  1. Awwww...
    I remember thinking that while on clomid, I would be disappointed if I only got pregnant with ONE baby.
    Um, yeah, I'm not thinking that now...but I understand the sentiment... :)

    I like your names!

  2. Oh my- a woman after my own heart! I think about twin combinations all.the.time.

    Benedict and Bernadette
    Stella and Lola
    Stella and Rosa
    Elijah and Ezra
    Elijah and Ester
    Mathias and Mary Clare
    Augustine and Agnes

    I could go on and on..... So fun!

  3. Yeah, if I was 8 months pregnant it might be a different story. Maybe next time around you'll get your twins, Ker.:)

    Sarah~ I know, right?!? I LOVE Stella and Lola, how cute! Or Stella and Maris, but not Maris, maybe Maren for Mary, Star of the Sea. See Sarah, you just have to adopt Stella already and then another girl and name her Lola;) Oh, and I'm really liking the name Elijah for a boy lately. I could go on an on too:)

  4. I kind of have a name pattern I like. It's odd but.... I like 2 syllable girl names that end in "a"- Lisa, Stella, Rosa, Lola. (I just like Bernadette b/c she is my favorite Saint... she doesn't fit the pattern. Lol.
    For boy names I like longer, complicated names w/ a short nickname- Maximilian (Max), Benedict (Ben), Augustine (Gus), Elijah (Eli) Jack is a nickname for another complicated name that I don't particularly like so I don't tell anyone what it is. Ha ha. He is Jack the IV so I didn't really have a choice!

    I have wanted a daughter named Stella Marie for many years. My college sorority is called "Stella Mariae" (Star of Mary). We have a devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart. We also have a devotion to Mary, Star of the Sea. I am one of the founders of the sorority and it means a great deal to me. (We actually call sororities "households" where I went to school.)

    Anyway- I have been praying so much to know if and when we should adopt again. When I saw Stella it was like a ton of bricks hit me. I know that is not her real name but still.... it was very moving and profound. I noticed that in her country one of requirements is that you must have health insurance for the child to go onto immediately. (No medicaid or uninsured people.) Anyway- we have not had insurance for months b/c my husband was out of a job. (We couldn't have adopted anyway w/o him working but I knew he would get a job soon.) When I saw that a person couldn't even adopt from there w/o insurance I started to pray even harder that my husband would get a job so we would at least have insurance. Then if we came across the $$$ needed to adopt Stella- we would already have health insurance. Well, my husband starts his job Monday and we will have insurance August 1st. Now we just need to come up w/ 35k!

  5. I dream of twins sometimes too! My husband and I have the next several baby names picked for boys and girl so we probably would just pick the next two in line which at this point would be David Jr. and Peter, Cecilia and Maria (or possibly Anamaria), or David Jr. and Cecilia.

    I'm struggling a lot right now regarding waiting for the next baby (we are postponing until David gets a job) otherwise we wouldn't be doing anything either way.

  6. Sarah~ that's so cool, your history with the name Stella. I don't think that's coincidence at all. I probably shouldn't say this, but I think you should go for it, adopt Stella that is. Easier said than done, I know. I am praying hard that you come across that $35K;)

    Mandi~ those are all nice names. I like Ana Maria, that's really pretty! Oh, and don't wait, just do it. Two is better than one:) Easier said than done though, I know.


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