What I Learned Wednesday: Castor Oil

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Did you know that Castor oil has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and can be used to treat and heal a bunch of external maladies?

We've all heard of using castor oil to kick-start labor or to "cleanse" the bowels, but what I recently learned is that it can be used topically to treat a number of skin issues, including acne, ringworm, cysts, warts and even wrinkles (more about that later). 

Castor oil packs have also been used externally to help heal strained and inflamed muscles, relieve fluid retention and ease arthritis.

Due to its healing properties, castor oil is often referred to as Palma Christi, or the hand/palm of Christ.

Impressed with all that I had read about castor oil, I decided to order a nice big bottle of the stuff. When it arrived, I put it to use right away on my crow's feet. I dabbed a dime-sized portion on my forehead and around my eyes and left it on overnight. In the morning I looked ten years younger. Not really, but my skin did look fresher and my wrinkles were significantly diminished.

A week later I had a stiff neck, so I decided to follow Dr. Cayce's instructions on how to create a castor oil pack. Basically, a clean piece of cloth is drenched in castor oil and placed on the sore area. To enhance the castor oil's healing effects, it is recommended to use a heating pack on top of cloth and leave in place for an hour or so. The next day I felt as good as new.

(However, for the sake of full disclosure, I must admit, I tried this again a week later with my sore neck muscles and it didn't work as well the second time, so maybe it was a bit of a placebo effect, but one never knows.)

Anyways, considering how inexpensive a big bottle of castor oil is and its long shelf life, it can be a great asset  to any medicine cabinet. 

*Note: It is recommended that  high quality cold-pressed castor oil be used and that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding refrain from using castor oil internally.

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