What I Learned Wednesday

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
I've decided to start a weekly post about something interesting I've learned during the week. To start, I plan on sticking to issues surrounding nutrition and health because they are of particular interest to me.

So, for this week I've learned:

*Women need to be drinking 2% or even whole milk rather than skim or nonfat milk. Skim milk has almost exclusively male hormones because the female hormones have been skimmed away along with the excess fat. 

Women who drink too much skim or nonfat milk may find themselves struggling with acne or cycle irregularities due to the excess male hormones circulating in their system. 

When I told this to my friend, who also happens to be a chemist, she said "that makes sense because estrogen binds to fat." She drinks whole milk. 

Isn't that interesting? This whole time I've been drinking nonfat milk thinking it was the healthier option. Turns out, for me, it's not.

We have made the switch to 2%, but I'm not sure if we're ready to make the jump to whole milk just yet.

Of course there is still the argument that humans are the only mammals to drink milk past infancy, so our bodies may not actually need milk. But if you are a woman and enjoy drinking your milk, then I would encourage you to drink 2%, or even whole milk.

Also, I would strongly encourage you to drink organic milk. There have been numerous studies that show that non-organic milk often has blood, pus, antibiotics, and not to mention a plethora of unhealthy hormone levels.

So for your best bet, drink organic 2% milk. 

Stay tuned for next week's edition: Castor Oil: It's Not Just for Starting Labor...


  1. Such a good post! I just sent another comment but I don't think it went through!

    When we were trying to achieve a second pregnancy after our first we hadn't avoided for months and we tried for four months actively (for a grand total of 9 months I think...) and had no luck. Then I saw a news report about a link between non-fat milk and infertility and I started drinking whole milk (I already drank organic because non-organic does horrible things to my skin). Almost immediately my charts were easier to read, and at the end of the month we had a BFP and were expecting!

    I definitely recommend avoiding non-fat milk too!

  2. Very interesting! Wonder if switching makes any difference for us older folks....but I'm liking the 2% idea - already switched to organic :) Thanks for educating us Jennie :) xoxoxo Mom

  3. so interesting! we've already made the switch to organic but I'm lovin the idea of 2% milk!! wonder if the switch makes a difference for older folks, too :) xoxox


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