A Few Memories

Sunday, August 19, 2012
A post to remember all our fun times during our most recent trip to California.

* Bumpa offering Hannah a lollipop at 6 in the morning. The grandparents love to spoil.

* The big cardboard box my Mom saved to turn into a fort. Hannah, Abby and Zsa could all fit in there.

* Swimming with Kia (Katie) and Bee-yah (Libby) and Sam. Hannah put her face underwater for Sam 6 times! She still remembers the high-fives Sam gave her afterwards.

* The girls playing hide-and-go seek in Bumpa and Zsa's room. Abby peering out from the drapes and the pillows as she watched people try to "find" her.

* Hannah repeating "Bumpa, Zsa's house, California."

* Meeting up with a dear old friend who told me over lunch she's expecting her first child. So exciting! Having lunch with a dear college friend who always so fun to see. Hey Chris! I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

* Having coffee with my sister and convincing her to move out here next summer. I can't wait!

* Staying in a house surrounded by redwoods up in the lovely little town of Occidental. Helping with all the preparations for my sister's wedding.

* Rehearsal dinner where all the siblings got up and said a little something. Everyone had something so nice to say. I talked about how when I was little and my Mom was expecting Jacqui, I prayed every night that "the baby would be a girl." Obviously my prayers were answered in my four little sisters and my own two daughters. My brother was like, "thanks for that. Geez how many prayers did you say?" Hahaha. 

*Spending lots of quality time with my parents, sisters and grandparents. Love.

* Watching my sister simply so happy to be marrying her best friend. And enjoying the incredibly beautiful setting of their reception (a vineyard). Seriously, it was awesome.  

* My little flower girl Hannah. She was so cute. Although she started crying in the middle of the ceremony and my Dad had to take her out of the church. The priest was giving a great homily about how marriage is not just about the two people, but about family and children and community. As my Dad walked out of the church with a crying Hannah he said to Jacqui, "these are the children." Everybody laughed. 

* Staying up late with my NanE and chatting about marriage and its inevitable difficulties. She told me about a few of the fights she and Papa had in the early years of their marriage. She used to say that she didn't think her marriage would last five years. They've now been married almost 60 years. Whenever things get tough in my own marriage, I think of them. They give me hope.

* Going out to breakfast with my parents and grandparents at a local spot. It was delicious. (Sidenote: Hannah has learned to say "delicious." Love it.)

* Watching the Olympics with my fam and watching as my cousins won gold. Amazing! 

* Driving down to Santa Barbara and getting to visit my little sister in her amazing beach house. She is so darn lucky!

* Our trip to Tilden with Zsa. The girls got to see some cows, pigs, "dopes" (goats), sheep and a few other animals. Hannah was terrified of the cows, but she loved the "dopes."

* Our trip to the zoo with Katie and Libby. The girls loved the otters and Hannah is still talking about the monkeys and how they swing and eat bananas and climb. For a few days she was saying, "I a monkey" and climbing up and hanging from the banister. It was really cute.

* Our trip to Fentons. What trip to California wouldn't be complete without a trip to Fentons? Abby ate a whole scoop of coffee ice cream. Yes, I gave my 1 year old coffee ice cream. I know, what was I thinking?

*Matthew and I squeezing in a few dates, what luxury!

*Mass and breakfast with Bumpa and Zsa.

* Swimming in NanE and Papa's pool. Such fun.

* Dinner with all my grandparents and my parents and Katie, Libby and Peter before Katie was to leave for school...in Hawaii! Lucky duck! 

Mom, Katie, Libby: am I forgetting anything? 

We had such a lovely trip. Like I've said before, I really, really wished we lived closer. I wish Massachusetts and California were
next to each other. But I do believe we are in Massachusetts for a reason. Time will tell.


  1. Love this, Jennie! So many great memories and they all went by too fast! Thanks for everything. Miss you guys, xo.

  2. We had such a great time with you! I miss you too!!! XOXO

  3. I think you nailed it Jennie! Thanks for keeping the memories alive through your posts. What a great trip for us all!! Missing all of you.


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