Our Day In Pictures

Friday, August 24, 2012
Subtitled: A Post For the Faraway Relatives.
Friday is Pancake Breakfast Day in our house.

Breakfast followed by a little Sid the Science Kid.


Our view as we walk to the park.

Somebody loves the swing.

Run, run, run as fast as you can.

Despite all the amenities at the park, my children love the dirt the best.

Hannah loves the ABC's.

After the park. Playing with toys and praying the Rosary.

Pre-lunch grumpiness.

Smoothie and turkey and cheese for lunch. A favorite around here.


Tea Party.

Some light reading after a nap.

Followed by an afternoon matinee of Toy Story. And some popcorn. A rare treat.

Our afternoon walk.
Hide and Seek. She's kind of a cheater.
They found me! Love this picture.

And that's where the pictures end for today. Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our world.:)


  1. ALMOST feels like I'm there.....love these pictures!

  2. ALMOST feels like I'm right there....love the pics!

  3. Thought you might;) Skype soon?


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