7 Quick Takes and Going Private

Friday, September 7, 2012
1. We had a great appointment with Abby's doctors. We feel really confident with both doctors as well as the procedure itself. Still no surgery date yet, but we should hear today. Thank you again for your prayers.

2. Random but true, but I've started sleeping with an eye mask to block out all ambient light. I've noticed that I actually have started sleeping better.

3. Hannah can spell her and Abby's name! Okay, this only happened once, but I'm going to pretend she is a bonafide genius.

4. It's September! Fall in New England is my absolute favorite time of year. The weather has already turned cooler and I've noticed a few leaves starting to change color. Love it!

5. Speaking of fall, I'm making an apple pie this morning. I've never made one before, but I have the apples and pie crust, how hard could it be? Famous last words.

6. I've got nothin'.

7. Reminder: I'm going private today, so here's your last chance! ;) 

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  1. Happy Fall!! That's great news about Abbys appt, definitely keeping her and all of you in my prayers:) I love my eye mask by the way..it totally works wonders! Haha. Love you sister!

  2. You wear an eye mask too?!? Mom does too. It totally works, I think. Maybe it's all in my head, but I don't care. Love you too, sister:)


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