Fall Planning

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 Now that we have an official date for Abby’s surgery I have started to plan and organize our fall schedule. We are hoping to make the most of our time before the surgery because we will most likely not be doing much after it. 

Last night we sat down with the calendar and mapped out our plans. Some of our ideas include the Wellfleet Oyster Fest (we’ve gone each year for the past several years and we love it), a trip to Maine, and a couple overnight trips to Cape Cod. I am so excited!

Along with our “big” trips, I am hoping to do some smaller day-trips with the girls. Nothing big, but fun nonetheless. In fact, I've designated Thursdays as our "field trip" day. This week we're headed to a local trail-side museum which apparently houses some owls, snakes, foxes as well as some otters too (random).

Actually, my OCD seems to have kicked into full gear and I have planned a particular activity or event for both the morning and afternoon of every day. Here's what our weekly routine will look like:

Monday: Park in the morning, baking with Hannah in the afternoon. The fall season is my favorite time to bake and I'm looking forward to making all sorts of pies, breads and cookies. Yum!

Tuesday: Trip to the library, finger painting in the afternoon. (Truth be told, we'll have to see about the finger painting thing. I really, really hate messy activities.)

Wednesday: Nature walk in the morning. (We basically go to a nearby field and I let the girls run wild.) Grocery shopping in the afternoon.

Thursday: Field trip in the morning. Neighborhood walk in the afternoon. 

Friday: Mass in the early morning for me then friends over mid-morning. Afternoon movie matinee with popcorn. 

I'm not big on schedules because I think with young children you must, must allow for some surprises, but I am big on routines. I think little ones thrive on routines, I do too. 

I told Matthew there are two things I want to do for myself this fall. One is I want to start running again. I pretty much took the summer off and I think for my sanity, I need to start exercising again. And two, I want to learn to crochet. I've tried a million times to try to teach myself how to knit or crochet with videos and books and it hasn't worked. I know myself and I know I need a teacher who will go over it again and again with me until I get it. I was thinking of asking our elderly neighbor who knows how if she'll sit down with me once a week. Hopefully, she will take pity on me and help me. 

So there you have it, the rough outline of what our fall will hopefully look like. Any suggestions? What do your plans look like?


  1. Routines are great with a little flexibility thrown in. I wish I could join you on some of your field trips...sounds like fun!
    And I'm pretty sure your neighbor would love for you to ask her about the opportunity to crochet together. What a treat for both of you!
    Sounds like the next month will provide lots of great new memories! Love you all!

  2. We wish you could join us on some of our field trips too, Zsa! How fun would that be? Love you too!:)


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