Waiting is the Hardest Part

Monday, September 10, 2012
We’re still waiting to hear on the surgery date, but I will certainly let everyone know as soon as we do.  We were hoping to hear on Friday, but unfortunately/fortunately God is giving us this opportunity to practice patience. 

Waiting is the hardest part. It’s exhausting. 

As soon as we know the surgery date we can start planning accordingly. Since Abby will most likely be recuperating for at least a month following her surgery, we are also having to wait on making any decisions on going anywhere or planning anything for our Fall. 

In times like these when I feel as if I am able to control very little, I morph into my robot cleaning mode. Lately, I have been a cleaning machine. This morning I cleaned my baseboards, for goodness sakes. Never done that before. I had to actually google “how to clean baseboards.” 

I've scrubbed the bathroom, organized the bookcase and cabinets, caught up on laundry and dusted anything worth dusting. I’ve been sewing and crafting a lot too, however I use the term “crafting” quite loosely. I recovered two pillows. Although, the green pillow kinda reminds me of a mullet, "business in the front, party in the back." Oh well, hopefully people won't look too closely at it.
 I sewed a blanket for Abby to bring to the hospital. And I completed the finishing touches on my little prayer intentions tree. Like it? Cute, right?
 I made an apple pie from scratch.    

And tonight I'm making my grandmother's famous Chicken Cacciatore. Yum! I can't wait. 

But mostly, I've just been cuddling and loving on these two girls and thanking God that they are happy and (mostly) healthy and mine. 

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