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Wednesday, October 3, 2012
It seems this blog has been a bit Hannah-centric lately. Part of that is because she seems to be going through a growth spurt of sorts. She is talking up a storm, which has been most entertaining (see previous post for examples).
Perhaps the other reason for all the Hannah posts is because Abby occupies a great deal of my mental, emotional and physical attention--in real life.  

With her upcoming surgery, many of my thoughts turn towards Abby. How to see her through this challenging time. How to give her or provide for her what she needs. How to be a good mother to her.
That's the tough thing about having two children. I feel a lot of pressure to divide everything exactly evenly whether it be time, attention or blog posts. I feel like when we have more children (God willing!) it will be easier because then no one will be getting much attention at all, haha. 

Anyways, in light of all this, here are a few tidbits about Abby. She had her 15 month check-up last week. She weights 24 pounds (95th percentile) and is 32 inches tall (95+ percentile). She is tall for her age, so maybe she'll take after Matthew's side for height. In my family, my sister Libby is the "tall one" and she's like 5'5''

She only says a few words: Mama, Daddy, no and please. She says "please" when she wants to nurse, which is pretty funny. Although the other day she and I were looking at pictures and I swear she said "Hannah."
 Abby is our little daredevil. She's not afraid to jump off the couch, go down the "big" slide at the park, hide in a dark closet or run full speed ahead without looking back. Yet despite her seemingly independent streak, she is quite the mama's girl. She's my little shadow. Girlfriend won't even let me go to the bathroom by myself. 

Her favorite foods (besides breastmilk) include bananas, pancakes, pretzels, rice cakes and meat. She really likes turkey meatballs and chicken.

She is really into playing with the pots and pans right now. Matthew calls the cupboard her "office space." She also loves the toy kitchen and reading her books. She will sit contently and turn the pages in her books, studying each picture.
 But I think our favorite thing about Abby right now are her hugs. She gives the best bear hugs.
We love you, Bubsy!


  1. Ahh Abs...we love you too Bubsy! Jennie, don't know if its me but the pictures of Abby in the purple resemble MY babies! maybe even me :) Honestly, what a cute little button of a girl, and your descriptions help me to feel like I'm right there..thank you. Oh how I wish I could have those little arms wrapped around my neck - I would squeeze right back. Please give her a hug from Zsa. Missing you all and keeping each of you in my prayers. xoxoxox

  2. ohh my goodness, she is adorable..i was thinking the same thing, mom. she looks like one of us in the ones with her purple jacket. what a spunky little girl. miss you guys, hugs and kisses to you all!

  3. Doesn't she look so cute in her new purple jacket? It's funny, when she was born a lot people said she looked like a Trenkwalder. She's in good company:) Miss you both! XOXOX


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