Abby's New Forehead and Eyebrows

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Abby received not only a new and improved forehead during her surgery, but a new eyebrow as well. Her plastic surgeon, Dr. Cetrulo, added bone to her eyebrow area to round out the symmetry. (Incidentally, Dr. Cetrulo is a Stanford grad. I was wearing a Cal sweatshirt the day of Abby's surgery and he came in and said something about the Big Game. It took me a minute to remember I had said Cal sweatshirt on, but then laughed. Small world. Abby's neurosurgeon is a UCLA grad. I guess the best doctors come from California. Although, I think they both went to Harvard Medical School. Nope, just looked it up, Dr. Cetrulo went to Tufts. Dr. Butler went to Harvard. But I digress.) 

 She is still a little swollen in the eye and and eyebrow area, but you can already see how much better it looks. Isn't she looking so old? Ack, my baby is growing up.

She and I went to her storytime yesterday, just the two of us. She had a ball. I think she mostly enjoyed going somewhere with Mama that didn't involve a doctor. She spent most of the storytime running from a little outlet cover on the floor back to me. I remember Hannah liking the outlet cover on that floor too. Weirdos. 

Once the librarian brought out the bubbles it was like Abby suddenly realized there was some sort of group thing going on in the room. She loved the bubbles. She was so cute. It was the first time I brought Abby somewhere and felt like she was just another 'normal' kid. No helmet, no weird flat forehead. Just another kid. She blended right in. Well, she didn't quite blend in. She was the cutest kid there, not that I'm biased or anything.

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  1. I'm lovin seein that sweet smile again. xoxoxoxo


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