Busy Week

Thursday, November 8, 2012
This has been a really busy week, at least in our little neck of the woods.

Abby had her stitches out on Monday. She is looking really good, despite some residual swelling.  It took the nurse forever (or so it seemed) to take the stitches out. I had to hold Abby down the entire time, no fun. But she was such a trooper.

Tuesday was Election Day, so the girls and I walked to our polling place in the morning so I could vote. We ran into some friends while we were there and had a nice chat.

Wednesday we had friends over for a little playdate. Hannah and her little friend (who is a boy) were having so much fun together, it was really cute to watch. They were playing a little game where they would run and then fall down on their knees. They thought it was hilarious. Abby tried to join in, but she couldn't really keep up, so she was playing the little fall-down game by herself. Haha, love that kid.

This morning the girls and I went to the mall to run around. It is so cold here (in the 30s during the day), so we've transitioned to a lot of our indoor activities, i.e. friends over and trips to Target. Abby starts her library storytime next week. I'm curious to see how she does in her "class." I hope she likes it, but she might consider it all beneath her. She's so funny.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with some more geneticists. They are so fascinated by us and our two little cranio kids. As I last told the doctors, we're interested in knowing why both our kids have had craniosynostosis, but it's not like we have to know. They seemed a little surprised by this. There's nothing that can be done anyways. And we've kinda accepted this as our cross in life. There are far, far worse things.

Although, one of the geneticists did suggest using IVF to genetically design a child without craniosynostosis. I laughed, until I realized he was serious. Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Craniosynostosis is no picnic, but it's a tiny little thing about our kids and it's part of who they are. I wouldn't trade my two little cranio babies for the world. Plus, craniosynostosis has become our cause celeb, it's our thing now. And like I said, there are far, far worse things. 

This weekend will be pretty busy too. I teach on Saturday morning and on Sunday Hannah is attending her little friend's birthday party. I'm looking forward to that, it should be cute.

Next week is the first meeting for my mothers' prayer and rosary group. I'm nervous I'm going to be the only one to show up. Please pray someone comes!

Despite its busyness, it's been a mostly good week. A week that has encouraged me to focus on my many blessings and on the things eternal. 

 Hope you've had an enjoyable week too! God bless.


  1. We miss you guys! "She might consider it all beneath her" haha hilarious! Post more pix!
    By the way this is just Libby haha

  2. Hi Lib! We miss you too!

    I'll try to post more pics soon:)


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