My Stella

Monday, November 19, 2012
Remember my little Stella from Reece's Rainbow? She's getting adopted!!!!!!! Praise Jesus!

Her adoption is just in time too because she's about to turn 5 in January, at which point she would age-out of the baby house and be put into an institution. She's perfectly healthy and cognitively normal, she is just HIV+, obviously through no fault of her own.

I don't know anything about her adoptive parents, except that they must live in Russia because she's being adopted domestically. Hopefully that means she'll be home in time for Christmas! Oh, how wonderful! Love her.

I still really, really like the idea of adoption and deep down think it might be something we do eventually. My only 'thing' or hang-up when it comes to adoption is adopting out of birth order, meaning adopting a child older than Hannah. Special needs don't scare me. Health issues don't intimidate me. But adopting out of birth order is something I feel like I can't do. I guess I just figure adopting a child would rock the boat to begin with and then to upset the whole "natural order" of the house on top of that would be too hard. Maybe in time that will change, but I don't think so. Any thoughts on that?

So cute, right?
Now we just need to pray that my little Beatrice finds her Mama. Ack, I just love this kid. And she's only 5 months younger than Abby, so adopting her wouldn't be adopting out of birth order. A girl can dream...


  1. Oh yeah!!! Awesome news!!
    Yes, adopting out of birth order does seem to pose additional issues. Maybe you could email with families who have been there and done that for tips and to futhre discern that aspect.
    This is adoption awareness month!

  2. Yes, adoption awareness month! Good idea about asking other families re the birth order issue. We shall see...

    How about you guys? I know at one point you were thinking of adoption?

  3. Thanks for asking! At this pint we will just see how god grows our family.... You never know...


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