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Tuesday, December 11, 2012
That little boy Dominic from the previous post is doing much better. Thank you for your prayers. Hopefully he and his parents will be home in time for Christmas.

And...my little Beatrice is getting adopted!!!!!! Praise Jesus!!!!! I've been praying so hard for her family to find her. And just in time for Christmas too. Oh, my cup runneth over.

As for my kids, we've been really, really enjoying this Advent season. We got our tree on Sunday. I don't think I've ever seen a kid more excited about a tree. Hannah is loving anything and everything associated with Christmas. Today we went to church to hear the school kids perform a Christmas concert. When we got there and Hannah realized they were singing Christmas songs she started yelling, "Christmas! Christmas!"

We celebrated St. Nicholas's Day on the 6th and the girls loved waking up to chocolate coins in their shoes. Although, Hannah apparently hid a few coins in her pants pockets, so when I undressed her that night I found a nice melted brown surprise. Lovely.

Tomorrow we're going to try our hand at celebrating St. Lucy's feast day. The tradition is that the eldest daughter awakes the family with breakfast. So I'm going to dress Hannah up and have her knock on our front door with some yummy breakfast treats. Should be interesting. 

Oh, and I made a Jesse tree. This deserves a post unto itself because seriously I am not crafty and I made this intensely crafty thing. And it took forever. But I am really proud of it. Even if I lost my temper more than once while making it. Okay, darnit, I'm just going to pay to have pictures on my blog again because you guys have to see all that we've been up to lately. 

I've always loved Christmastime and now that I have kids it's all the more magical. I am loving it.

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