Abby's Medical Updates

Monday, January 28, 2013
For those who are interested, here are a few updates on Abby's medical status. 
We saw both her plastic surgeon and her ophthalmologist a few weeks ago and received good reports from both of them. Her plastic surgeon (the one who performed her cranial reconstruction) said everything is looking good and noted that she was still a little swollen from the surgery. We hadn't realized this, but it is obviously good to know. We see him again in another month or so for a follow-up check-up. But as far as we know, everything is now fine with Abby's skull.

We tentatively scheduled Abby's eye surgery for May. The ophthalmologist asked if we wanted to schedule the surgery soon or postpone it because she just had a major surgery. We opted for sooner rather than later. We said it would be nice to be completely finished with all of Abby's procedures and surgeries rather than have them looming at some unknown point in the future.
The eye surgery is supposedly a very simple procedure. It is like fixing a lazy eye. The surgeon has to tighten one muscle in one eye and loosen a muscle in the other eye. She (the doctor) said it's a simpler than cataract surgery and we'll be "in before breakfast and out by lunch." So that's reassuring. She also mentioned that it's looking like Abby will not need glasses after all. This is great news! Although, I'll admit, at first I was a tad disappointed because I had become so attached to the idea of a baby with glasses. But obviously this is a better option for Abby. Now we don't have to worry about her playing sports or any other activities while wearing glasses. But babies in glasses are pretty dang cute. 

We are meeting with a different plastic surgeon this Friday regarding Abby's nevus sebaceous (basically a bald patch of skin on her scalp). While most nevi are harmless, they are more susceptible to becoming cancerous and with a history of skin cancer in my family, the doctors think it's best to simply remove it. However, since the nevus is a little too big to simply cut out, they will have to grow some extra skin around the area first. In order to grow the extra skin they will have to implant a little balloon type device under her skin and slowly expand the balloon to create the extra skin. I'm not sure when the device will be implanted, but hopefully within the next month or so. It will be quite interesting to see how this goes with a little balloon on the side of my baby's head. I just hope she doesn't scratch at it or play with it. We joke that she's going to have to wear one of those little cones on her head like those poor dogs have to wear to keep them from scratching themselves. 

We are hoping to combine the eye surgery and the removal of the nevus sebaceous at the same time. That way she only has to go under anesthesia once. Her ophthalmologist is more than willing to do this, so we'll see.
I believe that's about it. We're so fortunate that despite all her surgeries, she's actually a very  healthy little kid.

On a slightly funny note, we received Abby's bill from her cranial reconstruction surgery and 5 day stay in the hospital. Now I'm blanking on how much it was, but I figure by the time she's finished with all her surgeries and doctors visits and such, she will have had around a half a million dollars of medical care. Crazy, right? Thank goodness for health insurance.

Thank you again for keeping Abby in your prayers. They are working!

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  1. That's great! Glad things are going well, and thanks for the update on the upcoming procedures!

    What did you get at IKEA? :)


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