Happy Birthday, Hannah Claire!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Happy Birthday, sweet girl. How we love you so.
 We really lucked out in having Hannah as our first child. She was an easy baby and is an easy kid. We truly couldn't ask for a better child. She's loving and affectionate and smart and kind and beautiful. (Although right now she is smashing a balloon on her sister's head, so...)
It's fun being three!
She had a wonderful birthday and received plenty of love and attention and sugar. Matthew took her to breakfast in the morning (a tradition) to a little diner up the street that gives you a free breakfast on your birthday. They enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolate. Matthew said a few older ladies sang "happy birthday" to her and the cook came out to wish her a happy day as well.
Is she looking old, or is it just me?
After breakfast, they came home and she got to watch her new favorite Netflix show--Charlie Brown. Then the girls and I bundled up (it's like 20 degrees outside) and headed to Babies R Us. Hannah received a little gift card from Toys R Us for being part of their "birthday club," so we headed there to play with some toys and pick out a new book. She picked out a cute little Cinderella book. 

After picking out her new book, we headed to the grocery store to pick up some frosting and pink sprinkles to make cupcakes. The manager gave her two pink balloons for her birthday. So nice! He also gave Abby a yellow balloon. The girls were thrilled with the balloons, thrilled, I tell you. 

We came home and Hannah took a nap. Miracle! She never takes naps anymore. We rested for a while and then after naps opened one of her gifts from Mama and Daddy. We gave her The Sound of Music. She loves the singing kids and acts out all the musical scenes. The girls watched the movie for a bit and had some popcorn too. 

Hannah helped me make her birthday cupcakes and of course enjoyed licking the bowl. She also added the sprinkles all by herself. She was quite proud of her cupcakes and when Matthew came home was so excited to show them to him. Very cute. 

After dinner we sang "happy birthday" and enjoyed the cupcakes. She received lots of calls from her grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles. We opened presents and cards and she was beside herself with all the loot. Bumpa and Zsa gave her this leotard tutu and she wanted to sleep in it. I was thinking maybe she'd forget about it this morning, but sure enough she wanted to put it on first thing. So thank you Bumpa and Zsa, I don't know how I'm going to convince her to take it off and it's 6 degrees outside. Oh well, she does look pretty cute in it. 

She keeps saying she's a "pretty, pretty princess." (We have no self-esteem issues in this house.)
A happy birthday indeed.
For good measure, just because she's so cute.

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