Ikea Trip

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
The girls and I took a trip to Ikea last week. For the record, Ikea is a great place to take kids on weekday mornings. All those toys and playrooms. Good times.

We were there to pick up this playmat for the babies in our Moms Rosary group. Not bad for $14.
On our way out I glimpsed this cute little tree. Initially, I thought the tag said "honey tree." I figured "how nice, it must smell like honey." So I bought it. But when we got home I noticed that it was in fact a money tree, not a honey tree.  Jackpot!
Grow money tree, grow!
I tend not to give too much credence to things like Feng Shui, but on the other hand, I figure it can't hurt to try to get those money juices flowing. So I placed my little money tree in the "financial prosperity" section of our living room. The very next day I received a check in the mail for a whopping $2.45. My little money tree was working! 

Then a few days later I received a rather large bill from my dermatologist. So it's currently a little difficult to tell if my money tree is actually encouraging or discouraging my current financial prosperity. Time will tell. As of now, the tree is a nice little addition to our living room decor.
Looks good, right? Notice the cute sleeping baby?

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