7 Quick Takes

Friday, February 8, 2013
1) The blizzard is coming, the blizzard is coming! Do not fear family, we are ready. We are stocked up on food, blankets, clean clothes and have a full tank of gas in the car (not that we'll be driving anywhere). I'm actually kinda looking forward to the much-hyped blizzard. Hopefully we'll be able to make a few Frosties (snowmen) once it's all said and done. 

2) Abby has been babbling/talking a bit more lately. The other night Matthew was doing "Trot, trot to Boston" with her (bouncing her on his knee) and afterwards she was laughing and said very clearly "again!" We started laughing because it was so clear. She's full of surprises, our Abigail. She also says "Brown" for Charlie Brown (her favorite show). We're so curious to see what she is going to sound like or what she will have to say once she really starts talking because she's such a character. 
Random cute picture of Hannah.
3) Speaking of Abby, we met with a new plastic surgeon on Monday to make a plan for the removal of her nevus sebaceous. She will have a skin expander implanted underneath the nevus to grow some more skin before they can remove it. Then I will have to take her to the hospital about once a week to have the expander actually expanded. For this, they will have to put her under (not with anesthesia, but with laughing gas) and insert a saline solution into the expander pouch. It may take up to a few months to grow the expander to the point we need it to. The unfortunate part is that we'll (I'll) be making weekly trips to Children's again. Bummer. But I've given myself a pep talk. We can do this!

4) We gave Hannah The Sound of Music for her birthday. We've had Julie Andrews songs stuck in our heads ever since. Hannah loves to sing "Doe a deer..." Last night I filmed her singing it and was going to post it, but quite honestly, her performance could have been better, said the Tiger Mother. 

5) I've started running on the treadmill downstairs (in the gym) this week. Of course, I've started eating a lot more cookies this week too, so I guess the two cancel each other out.

6) Can you believe Lent starts next week? Ack! I've been trying to figure out what my Lenten resolutions will be. I was thinking of trying to cut out sugar from my diet, then I thought "don't be crazy." So I'm back to square one. Any suggestions?

7) What else? Let's see. Hannah has soccer this morning, which should be fun. We're having homemade pizza for dinner like we do every Friday. Okay, these takes are getting pretty darn boring.

Have a great weekend!

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