Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Happy Saint Valentine's Day! For those of you who don't know, Valentine was an actual person. A priest and a doctor and an eventual Christian martyr during the Roman empire. He gave his life for his faith. Legend has it that he was beaten with clubs and eventually beheaded. Now that's what should be on a Valentine's Day card--"I love you so much, I would be beaten and beheaded for you."

Matthew gave the girls flowers in their own cute little vases.
Poor Hannah, she has really dry skin around her nose and mouth from her cold. She's getting better though.

We had to wait until Abby was asleep to take her picture with her flowers. The child does not stop moving, even for a picture memento. 

And I was feeling crafty, so I made these little Valentine mailboxes for the girls. This makes me look like I'm creative. I'm not. But I am good at copying other people's creativity. I stole the idea from this blog.
The little mailboxes were a dollar from Target. I picked up wooden candlestick holders from Michael's, which I then painted black. The glitter letters are also from Michael's. Total cost for both mailboxes: about $10.
A close-up of the mailboxes. 
Happy St. Valentine's Day to you! We love you!


  1. How cute are those mailboxes! Did you make them?

  2. I did! But I have to confess, I totally stole the idea from this blog:


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