Whew, What a Week!

Friday, February 22, 2013
For whatever reason, this week has been crazy busy. This is mostly my fault because I tend to overschedule myself, but it was also just one of those weeks. 

On Monday, the girls and I were scheduled to participate in the 40 Days for Life that is being held in Boston. It's the first year that 40 Days for Life has had a presence in Boston (although they've been in other parts of the state), which is exciting (kinda). But it also means working to get the word out, which I volunteered to help out with. Easy enough to send a bunch of emails, although it does take time. Anyways, I had to cancel our volunteer hour on Monday because it was like 20 degrees. But it turned out Planned Parenthood was closed that day anyways. So we're going today instead. 

Tuesday the girls and I went to the library for a little while. It's school vacation week so places like the library and museums are packed with kids. For a California girl, February vacation is like the best idea ever, except when it's practically July and the poor kids are still in school. 

Tuesday afternoon I made homemade meatballs using Pioneer Woman's recipe and much to my surprise/relief, they turned out really well. Actually, I didn't try them--they were for the family of my friend who is currently on bedrest. But she said they were delicious, so hopefully she was telling the truth. Pioneer Woman has never failed me in the kitchen.

On Wednesday I was able to participate in a focus group in Boston for an hour. And I was paid $150, woo hoo! So that was fun. 

Thursday we had our mom's Rosary group. We celebrated the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter (which is actually today) and the kids made a craft of edible little chairs made from graham crackers, peanut butter and pirouette cookies. The chairs were mostly a major fail, but the kids enjoyed eating them. Oh well, I tried. 

Thursday afternoon I had to go into Boston again to meet with a kid I might be tutoring for a standardized test. The school where I work on Saturdays asked me if I would be interested and I initially said yes, thinking it would be for a few hours in Chinatown. Turns out the family wants me to travel to a town north of the city and only for an hour a week. So I don't think I am actually going to take the job. 

Today we are once again scheduled to be in Boston for the 40 Days for Life. And this afternoon we are scheduled to Skype with my Mom. (Hi Mom!) 

So now that I've bored you with my schedule, I will end.

Oh and next Monday, Hannah and I are going to visit a little preschool that we plan on sending her to in the fall! Can you believe it? School! Matthew and I have been going back and forth about it and although we initially thought about homeschooling her for preschool, this little school is only two hours/twice a week. She can go and make friends and practice her manners and make a bunch of messy crafts. I think she'll love it. But school! My baby is leaving me! I'm gonna go cry now.


  1. Holy cow that is a crazy schedule! That was like me last week (minus the awesome 40 days stuff you are up to...yay)

    That is so awesome about the preschool hours....sounds very manageable and preschool-like! I'm still having a hard time with full day kindergarten. It's just not meant to be that way.

    Ok, hope next week is a little more relaxed for you.

  2. P.s. the chair of Peter idea is so cute. I wish I was in your group!

    Isabel's school is doing a mock- conclave, and I am helping to make the cardinal costumes. Should be interesting!

    1. WOW Jennie You WERE busy last week; I don't think we realized all that you did when we skyped on Sunday!
      Can't wait to hear about the preschool visit when I see you in our skype session tomorrow!


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