Aunt Beeya's Visit

Thursday, May 16, 2013
We were so lucky to have my sister, Libby ("Beeya" in Hannah speak) come for visit a few weeks ago. The girls love Libby, so it was a treat for all of us having her here. We had so much fun! 

We took walks, ate ice cream, went swimming, painted nails, braided hair, took the MCATs (Libby), drank some margaritas (Libby again) and were even able to take a nice two day trip to Cape Cod. I love when people come to visit or when we visit family because it's always like a mini-vacation for me since there are other much more interesting people for the girls to play with. So, thank you, Libby!
Hannah loves her Beeya.
Libby after her test. Sorry, Lib. You probably hate me for putting this picture up.

So happy.

Super happy.

At the park. Look at those cute braids!
Me and Abigail.
Every time Hannah sees a plane in the sky, she thinks it's Beeya coming back to visit her. I have to remind her Beeya is in California with Bumpa and Zsa, which is kind of depressing for all of us. Come back and visit, Beeya!

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