Because It Was Time for My Blog to Get a Little More Interesting...

Thursday, May 16, 2013
...Baby #3 is on his or her way! 

I wish I had an ultrasound picture to share with you all! Hopefully in a couple of weeks when we find out the gender (which we're going to do this time around), I can upload the ultrasound then.

Anywho, we're thrilled and can't wait to meet the newest addition. We are blessed!


  1. What a wonderful blessing! And glad your blog is open again!

    - loyal commenter Kerry :)

  2. Sooo much fun to catch up with you in your blog. And the pictures are ALL so priceless. I can relive your visits here every day now :)
    Keep writing, and keep taking pictures...helps me feel like you're all close by.
    Baby #3, Zsa can't wait to meet you!!!!

  3. If this comment comes up twice, I'll know next time what to do! fun to catch up with you through your blog. The pictures and captions are priceless and helps me to relive your visits here every day! Keep writing and snapping...makes the distance between us that much shorter :)
    Baby #3, Zsa can't wait to meet you!!!


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