Our Little Helen Keller

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
The day following her surgery, Abby was unable/refused to open her eyes. Her eyes were a tiny bit swollen, but not enough to keep her from opening them. It was very interesting, and a little, well, exactly like having a blind child in the house. She walked around with her arms outstretched trying to feel the walls. A bit concerned,  we called the doctor who said it wasn't typical behavior--for a child to purposely keep her eyes closed following the surgery, but it probably didn't mean anything was wrong. Of course our kid was going to be the weirdo.

Despite her self-imposed blindness, she was still able to enjoy her favorite treats- Trader Joe's Yogurt Stars as evident in the video below.

Fast forward a few days later and she is doing much, much better. She now voluntarily keeps her eyes open and she's mostly back to her normal self. 

She has a follow-up appointment and eye exam on Wednesday to see if further correction is needed on one of the eye muscles. If additional correction is needed, she will be schedule for surgery on Thursday and they'll go in and quickly adjust one of the sutures on the muscle. The doctor assures us it will be a very simple and very quick procedure. We are hoping an adjustment won't be necessary.

Despite the couple of bumps we experienced following Abby's most recent surgery, we consider ourselves very fortunate. We live in a country with excellent medical care and where conditions like craniosynostosis (and all its complications) are easily fixable. And other than her cranio, Abigail is perfectly healthy. 

There's nothing like being in a Children's Hospital to give you a little perspective. There were parents there whose children were undergoing very serious surgeries. One little girl was having a kidney transplant, another little girl was having work done on her spine. Watching other parents (and children) endure such challenges put all our own small hurdles into perspective.

We are blessed. Life is good.

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  1. She is so cute. Trader joes anything makes everything better!


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