Birthday Weekend

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
My birthday was this past weekend and Matthew surprised me by whisking us all away for an overnight trip to Newport, RI. It's such a cute little harbor town, with cobblestones (my favorite), huge famous mansions from the Gilded age and lots of great restaurants.
The view from our room. Not too bad, right? I love foggy mornings.
He had the whole trip planned. We stayed in Newport for the night and went out to a nice seafood dinner for my birthday. My parents gave me this cute maxi skirt for my birthday, so this is what I wore on Sunday. Here's my picture for you Mom:)

The next morning was a perfect foggy beach morning. We woke up early and had the whole town to ourselves, or so it seemed. We walked around and played in the park with the girls. Then headed back to the hotel, packed our stuff and headed out to enjoy the day. Our first stop was  a hike along the cliff walk, which goes past all theses huge beautiful mansions that were once owned (possibly still are) by the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Astors, etc. It was a beautiful day for a hike and the ocean below was gorgeous.
One little girl was a bit grumpy about going on the hike.

I thought the sign of the guy falling off the cliff was pretty funny.
Check out that view!

Still grumpy.Oh well, I had a lot of fun.

Another little girl was having lots of fun.
After our 2 mile hike, which is a long hike for us these days, we cooled off at the beach. We were just planning to stay at the beach for a minute so Matthew could take a quick dip, but the girls were having so much fun playing in the waves we decided to stay for a while. Hannah was so brave, going further and further out into the ocean. And Abby was so cute too. She so wanted to keep up with big sister, but everytime a wave would come and hit her waist, she would say, "okay, okay," so I wasn't sure if she was having fun or not, or just trying to convince herself that she was okay, but it was cute.

Shoot, I don't have any pictures from the beach.

After the beach, we headed to lunch at this nearby farm Matthew had found. This was the coolest place because it was not only a farm market/cafe, but also a pick your own fruit farm. I've been wanting to go pick fruit with the girls since forever.
Enjoying lunch.
Look how nice this farm stand was. So cute!
A little sweaty, but having fun.
Not sure what she was doing, but she was cute.

Hannah loved this queen and king. Matthew is gonna love how many pictures I posted of him.

After lunch we went to pick strawberries. This was so fun and quite possibly the highlight of the trip. We're already planning a return trip to this farm. Both girls were able to figure out how to pick the strawberries pretty quickly and there were plenty of big giant red strawberries to pick.
Watching big sister first to see how to pick.

There was only one other family with little kids at the patch, so we had nearly the whole place to ourselves.
I think I was having the most fun.
Enjoying a strawberry on the ride home.
After picking a bunch of strawberries, we decided to head home. But like I said, we're planning to head back to this farm later this summer when they will have cherries, blueberries and raspberries for the picking. We're also planning to camp out, like in a tent, the next time we go. That's on our bucket list for this summer, so I'm looking forward to that. 
Abby fell asleep about 2 minutes into the ride home. It was a big day for her!
As you can see, it was a wonderful trip. We felt like we had been gone for weeks and it was only about a 24 hour trip. So fun! Can't wait to go back.


  1. how awesome!!!!!

    Glad it was a special birthday! You look great!!!!!

  2. Thank you! And thanks for the birthday card, that was so sweet!

  3. I used to work at St. George's and take walks on my lunch break right where you guys walked on the cliff!! Such a small world! Happy Birthday :)

  4. What a fun trip! And how cute are your girls!

    1. Thanks! I bet Lucia would love to go strawberry picking too!

  5. Great photos! Picking your own fruit is a great activity for the family. The kids love that they can eat the fruit that they picked out themselves.

    1. Definitely! I see that you have a family farm here in MA. We might have to visit your farm soon!

  6. Wow. Love this post Jennie and all the photos. What a memorable birthday. And how thoughtful of Matthew! The girls are growing up so fast. Can't wait to hold them again😉


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