Aunt Jacqui Comes to Visit

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
My sister Jacqui came to visit last week and we had so much fun. She was only here for a couple of days, but we were able to go down to the Cape for a night, which was nice. She and Hannah went for a "run" and she treated the girls to plenty of candy. We miss you, aunt Jacqui!

Such a cute picture!

I apologize for beings so lax with my blogging lately. It just seems as if we've been really busy between Hannah's pre-school, my midwife appointments, our Rosary group, playdates and general life busyness, I've just been too tired to blog. But I really want to try to pick it up again. Of course, I say that right before I'm about to have a baby... so we'll see...


  1. Oh man I lOVE this!! So cute, I had so much fun with you guys!!

  2. How sweet!! Everyone looks awesome!


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