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Monday, February 10, 2014
Besides adding a whole new member to our little familia, we've had a lot going on these last few months. I thought I'd post some bullet point updates to keep everyone in the loop.

1) The biggie- We are considering/planning a move back to California. I say "planning" because as I've learned well these last few years, nothing is certain. If it were up to Matthew we would have been on the first plan to California the day Lucas came home from the hospital.But truth be told, I'm in no rush. We have a lot of loose ends, namely medical care, that we must take care of here before we head out West.

2) Lucas was born with craniosynostosis and had surgery when he was 6 weeks old. Thank you to everyone for the prayers for our Luke, by the way. Our family is a medical anomaly and semi-famous because no one has ever heard of a family with three cranio kids. We're practically on a first name basis with all the kids' doctors. Well, not really, but we should be,

3) It amazed everyone how quickly Lucas's head shaped improved following the surgery. With the bone release his brain was able to expand and it completely changed and improved everything.

4) Following his surgery, Lucas had to wear a helmet 23 hours a day. However, and this is a big however, after only 1 month of helmet wear his head shaped measurements have reached a "normal range." So basically his head is more or less fixed! Already! Amazing! He still has to wear his helmet at night and we still have to go in for helmet appointments nearly every week and he will continue to be monitored for the next few months to make sure his head shape stays within in the normal measurements. But he doesn't have to wear the helmet during the day so I feel like I have a normal baby. I can't wait until we get the all clear for him, which will hopefully happen in the spring. 

5) Abby went in for her 1 year post-surgical appointment with Dr. Butler and although she looks so much better than she did before her cranio-facial surgery a year and a half ago, her eyebrow shape still needs improvement. We have an appointment to see her plastic surgeon at the end of this month. Dr. Butler said the surgery to move the eyebrow bone is pretty simple, which is a relief. I was worried she would need the complete CVR surgery again, which would pretty much be a worst case scenario.

6) Along with improving her eyebrow bone, it's looking like Abby may need another eye surgery.  I've noticed both of her eyes starting to wander a little. We see her ophthalmologist next month. I don't know if this is something that can be fixed with surgery or if she will need glasses after all. Poor Abby, we thought we were in the clear with her. 

7) Okay, for a non-medical update: we pulled Hannah out of pre-school over the Christmas break. Between juggling three kids and Lucas's surgery and helmet appointments, the twice weekly afternoon school days were just too much for me. It was a cute little school, but it wasn't like it was really adding to her academic knowledge (not that I really expected it to). Plus, they had a little "holiday" concert and sang "we wish you a happy holidays," instead of "merry Christmas." That pretty much sealed the deal for Matthew. 

8) I'm kinda "homeschooling" Hannah and I use that term loosely. We do some reading lessons and some Math every once in a while. She's very curious and enjoys learning, so she's a pretty easy student to teach. For now.

9) After we pulled Hannah out of her pre-school we told her very excitedly that she was going to be going to a new school- a swim school. I signed her up for swim lessons and she goes two mornings a week. My goal is to have her swimming independently by the summer. We made swim school sound like a big deal and she totally went for it. She never looked back on pre-school.

10) We hired a "mother's helper" for me to come twice a week. Her name is Hannah, so we call her "big Hannah" and she's a student at our nearby Christian college. She's really cute and the girls love her. She comes for a couple hours a week to basically play with the girls or take the girls outside so I can do some things around the house or run some errands.  I felt a little spoiled and somewhat guilty for needing the extra help, but I recently read this blog post by a mother of 7 and what she said really resonated with me.  

"If you are doing it all on your own because you must or because you are some kind of domestic superwoman, then you have my utmost respect. But if you could have help, but you don't because you think you ought to be able to manage it all on your own -- Knock It Off and get some help, woman. I wish someone had talked me into it earlier.

Because I really believe now that what we are trying to do currently in the western world is unprecedented in history and nearly impossible. Rich and middle class women ALWAYS had help around the house. Poorer women lived multi-generationally and had the help of neighbors and friends. No one thought that they could grow and feed and clothe and educate and interact with and clean up after their children all by themselves. (And occasionally also pay attention to their darling husbands.)"

-Kendra at Catholic All Year

She's right, of course, so I happily enjoy my two afternoons a week help, more or less guilt free. 

All righty, I think that's enough updates for now. If you've read through that whole post, you deserve some sort of reward, so here you go.
Oh man, look at his spikey hair! I love him, even when he wakes me up at 4:00 in the morning. 


  1. I did it! I read the whole post!! Lots of comments, I will email you! Xoxo

  2. Luke is getting so big!! And need to move to Ca..


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