Friday, February 21, 2014
I was given the greatest Valentine's day gift this year. Of course, Matthew came through as always, but one of my best gifts was actually from my friend's husband. That's sounds weird. But he gave his wife, my dearest friend Kerry, a surprise trip to come visit me!

Kerry and I are friends from college. College...that seems a lifetime ago. She and her family recently moved to Georgia from DC and although we are practically in constant touch, we haven't seen each other in person in three years. That seems so crazy, but such is life. 

When her husband first texted me to plan the surprise trip, I thought it was a joke. I forgot to tell you that, Kerry. I thought it might be some stranger playing a prank on me. But then I was like, what kind of weirdo would know all our names and be trying to plan something nice? So I quickly got over my suspicions and started to get so excited for her visit. It was difficult not to mention it and ruin the surprise over the next few weeks, but also fun to keep it a secret.

She and her adorable daughter (who I was able to meet for the very first time) were able to come for the long weekend and arrived just in time for a nice New England blizzard. Many of my best laid plans to tour Boston and Concord were dashed with the snow. Not to mention that I often forget that I still have a newbornish baby, and he tends to complicate my social plans. 

We ended up spending much of our time indoors talking and talking and talking. We talked about everything from birth stories and bras to polygamy and natural law. And then we watched some Sister Wives for good measure.

We were able to take a driving tour of Quincy and parts of Boston and we did try some authentic Boston baked beans. But I did feel a little bad that we couldn't do and see more. Next time!

There's a quote on my calendar for this month that says, "there are some people who take the heart out of you and there are people who put it back." Kerry is one of those friends who "puts it back." I am so blessed to call her a friend. Thank you Kerry for your visit and a special thanks to Ryan for planning the whole thing!
In front of one of the Adams' houses.
Tired babies

Beautiful girls and chubby baby boy.
You can tell I had a good time because I don't have that many pictures. I was enjoying myself too much to stop and document it.

Love you Kerry!


  1. So much fun!!!!!!! It was a true gift to be there, and special to meet Abby and Lucas too. Love you guys!

  2. I've only known her 7 months & I agree! Kerry is so joyful, you can't contain your own!
    Take THAT crazy neighbor lady!


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