A Few Abigail Funnies

Thursday, March 27, 2014
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Two and a half is such a fun and funny age. Abby is such a little firecracker and she certainly keeps us on our toes. I can't keep track of all her antics, but here are a few for your amusement. 
This is not unique to Abby, but the girls have been watching a lot of a BBC show called Kipper lately. It's about a bunch of animals who are friends and basically do a whole lot of nothing each episode. The girls love it. Being a BBC show, the animals all have British accents and use a lot of British idioms in their speech. As a result, the girls have started saying things like: 
"Mama, may I please have a biscuit?" (British for cookie)
"Ah, you gave me a fright!"
And Hannah now says "Daddy" with a British accent.
Abby is deathly afraid of animals. All animals. Including tiny little birds. It's borderline ridiculous. Whenever she sees a little bird, she runs away and screams, "ahh! Beard, beard!! Monssa!" Lately, she's been calling a lot of things "monster" or "monssa." Including...

This is totally politically incorrect, but we were at the hospital the other day and Abby noticed a woman in a hijab. She saw the woman and yelled, you guessed it, "ahh, monssa!!" and ran back over to me. Fortunately, I don't think the woman could understand Abby-speak. It was a little embarrassing, but a lot funny.

Missy has become very opinionated about what she eats lately. At dinnertime when I put her plate of food in front of her, she looks at it and if the food is not to her liking, she will simply say, "nope" and push the plate away. Her "nope" has a strong tone of finality about it and there's really no arguing with her. After she promptly refuses my carefully crafted homemade dinner, she'll usually say, "how bout some ice cream?" As if she fully expects me to say, "oh, okay, let me dish you up a few scoops."

When she gets into trouble is or is caught doing something she shouldn't, she tries to distract me by saying "Oh no, Lucas is crying!" Of course he's usually not crying, but she's hoping I'll go check on him and then she'll be off scot-free.

She's a pistol, my Abigail, but she sure does keep us laughing.

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  1. Hahaha oh man this made me laugh. I love our little Abby. She really is a pistol, can you guys pleaassee come out early in June?! Or may..?! Miss these kiddies so much!!


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