Call Me Crazy, But I Love Mondays

Monday, March 10, 2014
For the past year or so, I've been trying to "observe the Sabbath" more. Maybe it's the Puritan New England finally rubbing off on me, but on Sundays I try really hard to avoid any busyness and to simply enjoy my day of rest. 

I avoid major chores (other than cooking) and try to refrain from running errands and spending money. Being of the choleric temperament, it can sometimes be really tough for me to not compose a to-do list for the day.  I'll watch as the laundry piles up or see a mess that needs to be cleaned and have to restrain myself from tackling the chore.

However, one thing I've learned with taking Sundays off, so to speak, is that I really look forward to Mondays. Don't hate me. But I wake up Monday mornings with a little spring in my step. I know there's a lot for me to do and I'm eager to get started. Oh man, sometimes I even annoy myself.  

Mondays are my laundry and dusting day. Today I did three loads of laundry and washed the sheets for the girls' bed (yes, the girls share a bed-it's so cute). I also spot cleaned the carpet and cleaned out the refrigerator. Granted, right now we're living in a smallish two-bedroom apartment, so it's not that difficult to keep everything neat and tidy. I might be whistling a different tune if we were in a big house. 
A place for everything and everything in its place. Can you spot the toddler in this picture?
A clean bed. Ignore the artwork on the bookcase. Some day I'll get around to cleaning that and buying a headboard for this bed.
Another reason I love Mondays is because of The Bachelor. I realize my IQ has basically just dropped a few points, but so be it. Tonight is the "Final Rose" and it's being dubbed the "Most Controversial Finale Ever." The Bachelor finales are always the "most fill-in-the-blank ever," but I fall for it every time. I don't care. I've saved up my Weight Watchers points so I can enjoy some frozen yogurt while I indulge in some quality programming.

I love Mondays.

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  1. That's excellent! W have tried to make Sundays about family and not work...but LOL about loving Mondays. Sounds like YOU need to be making baked beans, than you will have NO COOKING! :) Ahhh there's the comfy bed if slept on! :)
    Oh my gosh..I heard tonight is the bachelor finale....totally thought of you. Enjoy, but I will just read who he picks tomorrow.


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