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Friday, March 21, 2014


We're headed down to Cape Cod for the night. Matthew won a night's stay at Ocean Edge, which is where we stay during the summer. It will be so nice to get away, even if it's for only one night. Hannah has had her bags packed and shoes and socks on since 7am this morning. To say she's excited to go would be an understatement.


We met with Abby's ophthalmologist this week and it looks like she's going to need another eye surgery sometime this year. This wasn't surprising to us, since we've noticed her eyes wandering a bit. It does, however, throw a wrench in our plans to move. We're thinking we can still make plans to move and simply fly back for the surgery when the time comes. We'll see.


Weight Watchers is working! Since joining, I've lost 6lbs. It's so encouraging. Only 15 more pounds to go! When I reach my first goal weight, which is just 2 more pounds away, I plan to treat myself to a facial. When I reach my ultimate goal weight, (when  I lose all the baby weight), I plan to treat myself to Stitch Fix, and amp up my wardrobe.  


Foolishly, I ate some Trader Joe's Coffee Blast ice cream last night and not-so-surprisingly, didn't sleep too well last night. It didn't help that Lucas was up from about 1-3am. Today should be interesting...


My Mothers Rosary Group has been reading Courageous Love: A Bible Study on Holiness for Women. It's prompted a lot of great discussions on the dignity of women and what it means to be a woman in this modern age. 


I swear I have the sense of humor of a 5 year old. Whenever Lucas "toots" I can't help but giggle. Why are baby toots the funniest thing?

Have I ever mentioned that Ven. Fulton Sheen is pretty much my favorite saint (or saint-to-be)? I plan to name our next boy after him. I'm reading his Lenten Meditations (Kindle price is only $.99) He has such a way with words and manages to be both incredibly insightful and funny. Take this quote on humility:
"Humility is like underwear. We have to have it, but we should never show it. Pride is what we think ourselves to be; humility is the truth we know about ourselves, not in the eyes of our neighbor, but in the eyes of God." (From Simple Truths)

And one more Sheen quote for good measure:
"The tragedy of this world is not so much the pain in it; the tragedy is that so much of it is wasted. It is only when a log is thrown into the fire that it begins to sing. It is only when the thief was thrown into the fire of a cross that he began to find God. It is only in pain that some begin to discover where love is."
~Seven Words of Jesus and Mary 



  1. Haha toots are funny at any age! Go girl, good job on your weight watchers and those are good rewards too, you will be there in no time! Have a blast down at the cape, I can picture Hannah all eager and ready to go. So fun. I think that's a great idea, to move and then just fly back when need be for Abby's surgery ;) have a fun weekend!!! Xoxo

  2. Have a great little get away!!
    That's so awesome about WW...and the stich fix thing sounds awesome! I was tempted to do that...

    Love baby toots! :)


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