Swim Lessons

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Hannah has been taking swim lessons for the past few months. She's really made a lot of progress and gone from not wanting to put her face in the water to bobbing like a madwoman. I am really hoping she'll be able to swim independently by summer time, but that may be a bit ambitious. She still can't float on her own.  

Learning to swim is somewhat of a non-negotiable in our little family. All of our kids will learn to swim and to swim well. Not only is it a safety issue, but swimming is such great exercise and an activity our kids can enjoy for their entire lives. 

In California it would be so easy to find good and fairly inexpensive swim lessons. If we were living in California, I would just sign Hannah up for swim team and be done with it. She'd be swimming on her own in no time. Unfortunately, in Massachusetts it can be somewhat difficult to find swim lessons for kids as young as Hannah. Some swim classes do not take children younger than six and some swim teams have a minimum age of eight.  That's so old! My sisters were swimming across the pool when they were three! 

Anyways, I'm doing what I can speed up this little learn-to-swim process. I think we'll have Hannah do another month or two of group lessons and then switch to private lessons when our pool opens at the end of May.

Here are a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy:)

How we look all bundled up. Thank goodness for indoor pools in the winter.

What Abby does during Hannah's lessons: eat pretzels.

Sitting on the wheelchair, which I'm sure she is not supposed to be doing.

Hopefully some of her aunts can give Hannah a few lessons this summer. 


  1. So fun. Ahem, I think only just one sister was swimming across the pool at 3(me) haha..but maybe not. And yes I'm sure all the aunts would love to teach Hannah to swim this summer! Yet another reason CA>MA :) I just love that picture of Abby in the lift chair thing haha. And her hair is so cute up!

    1. Ahem, haha, I thought Libby could swim across when she was three too. Maybe not. Haha, competitive much?

  2. Haha of course I'm competitive, it's in our blood!


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