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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Wow, it's been almost a month since I last blogged. Not a whole lot has been happening in our neck of the woods, just the usual day-to-day life with three little kids. Lots of playing, and painting, a little "homeschooling" and generally just enjoying the spring weather.

About a month ago we planted a little "garden" out on our porch. The girls and I planted a few strawberry plants and re-potted some flowers. We all love it, Abby especially loves being out there. She's our outdoorsy girl. I am hoping we will have a backyard for her to play in soon.
Watching the flowers grow. Don't mind the plumber bum. I am praying to God that these strawberry plants actually produce some strawberries.

The girls still enjoy playing together. We're pretty lucky because they get along really, really well. They can play pretend for hours. They mostly reenact scenes from Little Bear (a TV show) or movies they've seen. I don't know whether I should be embarrassed that they know all the words to different episodes or impressed that they can remember everything so well. I swear, we don't let them watch that much TV. Regardless, it's pretty amusing.

Abby is talking more and more and cracking us up. As her grandmother said, "Abigail is just one of those people that whether she means to be or not, is funny." It's true, she keeps us laughing. The other day she was trying to ride Hannah's new scooter around the apartment during dinner time, so I put the scooter in the closet. She told Hannah, "don't worry Hannah. I get it back." Then proceeded to try and open the closet. I was like, "excuse me, no." Of course Hannah encouraged her and yelled after her "be brave, Abby!" Those two, I tell you...

One of Abagail's new phrases is "I have an idea." She said this during dinner the other night and followed up with, "how about some ice cream." She really believes that one of these nights I am going to give her ice cream for dinner.

 Hannah is rocking and rolling with "homeschooling." I need to stop using quotation marks when I say that and just commit to the idea already. I can't help it. Our homeschooling approach thus far has been very informal. A little reading here, a little Math there. Nothing too crazy. She is more or less reading, which is pretty awesome. As Matthew says, she is a natural born student, which makes her pretty easy to teach. She's so conscientious and curious that she essentially teaches herself.  Part of me believes that once she's really reading, teaching her will more or less involve handing her a book and saying, "here, learn this." 

Just to assure you that I am not bragging about homeschooling or getting to big for my britches, I am under no illusions that teaching our second child will be as simple. Oh Lordy, that one will be sure to give me a run for my money. If she doesn't want to do something, she just says, "nope" and that's all there is to it. There's really no bargaining with her. Our only hope is that she will want to keep up with her big sister and so will try to learn along with her. Time will tell. 

My little boyfriend continues to grow and delight us all. Looks-wise, he is Hannah's little twin and the two of them are best buds. As Hannah says, "Lucas is my best person."  

I love all my kids madly, but this little guy has my whole heart. My son. My boy. I'm crazy about him.
 His two little teeth came in a few weeks ago. A couple of days ago I gave him a jar of pears for the first time. He loved it. Since then he's eaten carrots and apples too. I feel like maybe I held off too long with him because he grabs at the spoon and tries to feed himself. So far, he's a great eater. 

He is desperate to crawl. He can move and scoot around on the floor, but he watches his sisters run around and you can just tell that he wants to run and play with them so badly. Soon enough, little buddy. 
We've added another princess dress and a few more toy princesses to our collection.
 Easter was nice, but sadly I have no pictures from the day. Did I tell you? Tom Brady was at our Mass on Easter Sunday. Pretty cool. I plan on making the kids dress up again in their Easter outfits just so I can get some pictures. 

So basically, we are all doing well. Life is good.
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