December and Playing Catch-Up

Monday, February 16, 2015
Playing catch-up over here. I've been meaning to return to blogging for a long while now, it's just so hard to find the time each day to do so. I've been thinking a lot about how to better structure my time so that I can blog, but it's not easy. Anyways, Lucas is sleeping, so I figured I might as well dive in and post some pictures while I can.

There's a blogger by the name of Rose who has a blog entitled, A Blog for My Mom. I laughed when I saw the name of her blog because let's be realistic, that should pretty much be the name of my blog, or better yet, "a blog for my mom and my sisters who really just want to see pictures of my kids." 

I haven't posted since August, but I'm just going to skip to December and post some Christmas pictures. Our fall was mostly good. We had weekly storytime at the library and meetings with my moms' group. I tried (and mostly failed) to fit in some homeschooling. We took a few trips to the zoo and other exciting places, had a bunch of playdates and lunches with friends. It was a fun couple of months.

This year our goal for the Christmas season was peace. Last December was crazy and by the 26th, we were ready to throw out our tree. This year we waned to slow down and enjoy the season and each other more. I think we mostly succeeded in this.

Our kids are at a great age for Christmas. Although, Hannah is already a skeptic about the whole Santa thing. She knows there are a lot of fake Santas out there and she's not buying some guy comes into our house and bring presents. It is somewhat preposterous (and creepy), if you really think about it. Regardless, the girls especially love all the magic of the season. 

We gave the girls bikes this year. Sadly, with all the snow we've been having this winter, they've haven't been able to use them all that much. 

Have I ever mentioned that the girls share a queen size bed? They love it.

The girls received some slippers from Bumpa and Zsa that they loove.
New vests for the girls.
Abby got a new jacket for Christmas that turned out to be a bit big for her.

They look like such teenagers here.

Well, that's kind of pathetic, that's all the Christmas pictures I have. I wanted to get a few more pictures and one of our whole family at Christmas Eve Mass, but that never happened, clearly. Maybe next year...


  1. A blog for you mom, sisters, and one loyal reader!!!!! Love the pics! Don't beat yourself up about homeschooling...all the outings you did, books you read, and the love you give is seriously all the homeschooling they need at this stage. Now, next year ....get cracking honey!! You know kindergarten has to be 7 hours long in a homeschool bc that is how long REAL school is, right?! :). Ha!

  2. Yessss!! More blogging, it's about time!! Love them!!


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