Thursday, February 19, 2015
Going back even further in November. We had a very busy and fun November.

We celebrated All Saints Day with a parade and a party at church. My little saints were dressed as The Virgin Mary, St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. Francis.

Check out the socks. Notice how they're birkenstock sandals? That was my favorite part of his costume.

I made some All Saints cupcakes toppers using the Happy Saints template. They turned out so cute.
On November 3rd, Lucas turned one! We broke with family tradition and actually threw him a party. Truth be told, the party was more for Hannah and Abby since it was mostly their friends who were there. We had the party at Toddler Town, an indoor playspace, which is great for little kids.
Presents from Bumpa and Zsa.

My sister Samantha and her boyfriend Andrew came to visit us in mid November. We had so much fun with them. They were able to see a lot of Boston and Quincy while they were here and soak up a lot of the history.  We walked the entire Freedom Trail in a day! They watched the entire John Adams miniseries while they were here too, which was so great because we're always trying to get people to watch that and most people seem disinterested. It is such a great miniseries, I highly recommend it! The kids (and Matthew and I) loved having Sam and Andrew visit. They cooked us an incredibly delicious dinner one night, so I told them they are welcome to come back anytime!
John Adams house
I took the kids on a few outings. We went into Boston a few times and walked around the Commons and the Public Garden. We visited the Make Way for Ducklings statues. The kids love those.
Do they look cold or what?
Necessary Bostonian kid picture.

 We "studied" the Pilgrims and Indians in November. We went to a nearby spot where the Moswetuset Indians (the tribe from which Massachusetts derives its name) lived during the spring and summer months. The kids enjoyed it, but were hoping to spot some Native artifacts. No such luck.
MoswetusetIndians used to live in the summer and spring months. Although, the kids were a little disappointed because they thought we were actually going to see some Native artifacts. No such luck.

We didn't have too much time to be sad after Sam an Andrew left because shortly after they left, my sister Libby came to visit. She was interviewing at Northeastern for their Physician's Assistant program (she got in, naturally), so she came to stay with us for a few days. As always, we had a ball.
We celebrated Thanksgiving with just our little family at home. It was so nice to have a relaxing Thanksgiving. We went down to the Cape to pick up our turkey a few days before Thanksgiving (we buy one from a farm down there every year). It was unseasonably warm, so we made a day of it down on the Cape. I cooked the entire Thanksgiving Day feast, which I find really fun.

Thanksgiving weekend we went to the Christmas parade in our town, which the kids loved and that wrapped up our November. Geesh, we were busier than I realized, but like I said, such a fun month.


  1. So good to see you writing again Jennie.....even if it IS just for Zsa :)

  2. ..and your sisters! Keep blogging!! The kids are looking so much older, where is the time going?!


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