Ago Quod Agis

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Some days I feel like I have this mom-of-four thing down and other days I feel like I'm just failing at everything. Most days, it's a struggle to keep it all together. I'm a big lover of to-do lists, for better or for worse, and usually, the lists help keep me organized, but lately even the lists have been stressing me out. So much to do!
The other night I was reading through the book Momnipotent (I would definitely recommend it, I read through it in one night!), and I came upon a phrase in Latin: Ago Quod Agis. It means "do what you are doing." It's a simple sentiment, focus on the task at hand, keep your hand to the plow. I also interpreted as "don't try to do too much at once." 

When I am tempted to try to multi-task like crazy- nurse the baby, check my email, make a phone call, look up recipes, I repeat Ago Quod Agis to myself. It helps to center me. I close my computer, hang up my phone and simply focus on and enjoy nursing my sweet little one. This simple little approach to do one thing at a time has given me great peace. 

Sometimes I think, as mothers, we are tempted to do all the things at once. Women are really good at multi-tasking and I think sometimes we (me especially) can let this ability run rampant. Doing is so much easier than being. But I am learning to just be, to enjoy this time while my children are little. I keep telling myself, this time is fleeting, they will be grown before I know it, enjoy their littleness. The to-do lists can wait.


  1. Blessings in the chaos!!! One day at a time. God's mercies and graces are new every morning! (Lam 3:22-23)

  2. Yes! I am so guilty of this. Way too focused on being productive sometimes that I need to remind myself to just sit and give attention to this post, sister!


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